5 Wacky and Safe Activity Ideas for Some Fun with Your Kids this Diwali

Make Your Own Clay Diyas

It’s a lot of fun when you create something on your own, especially if it involves a lot of mud :) Your kids will love the idea of creating clay diyas. Put together a challenge for who can make the most creative clay diyas in the group… they may not turn out to be perfect diyas, but you will surely enjoy the time spent making them together!

mud kid

Stuff you need:

  • Dirt (cleaned)

  • Water

  • An old bucket to mix water and mud to make clay

  • Notepad and sketch pens for ideas


unpainted diya

Upload your photos to FB or Twitter and tag #gheebucketchallenge !

Paint the Diyas

Once they dry, pick up those unpainted Diyas and suggest a painting challenge for fun. We all like getting colorful with paints, don’t we? The kids will love it too!

Potential result (if your children have extremely precise hands):

painted diyas

Stuff you need :

  • Diyas unpainted or unfinished.

  • Acrylic/ clay paints and paint brushes.

  • Printouts of few examples of designs

  • Newspapers to sit and work on

Share the Joy of Making Unique Diwali Cards

Another fun idea is making Diwali cards and presenting them to your loved ones. Kids can come up with great ideas for cards that they can make. Don’t believe us? Take a look!


There are a lot of “how to” videos and articles which can help you with this. Here is an example.

Stuff you need :

  • White papers to finalize a design

  • Cardboard, any waste material (old broken bangles, shining paper, rice, wheat, glitters, Pulses)

  • Gum/paste to stick the design on the Card

  • Pencils, Pens, Ruler, Sketches.

Make Smiley Sweets

Just cook any regular sweet and handover the task of putting smiley’s on them to your super heroes.

Smileyseets for Diwali

Rotis and Dosas are no exception! Have you seen a Smiley roti? Its my next business idea :) Give them a cupcake and a cake decorating pen with instructions and wait for the magic.

A cream frosting pen is available in sweet shops or at any cupcake makers or you can buy one online for as low as Rs 500!

Stuff You Need :

  • A cake decorating/topping pen (You can buy one)

  • Sweets, cookies, cupcakes, pastries and all the food you have to fill up with smileys :)

Make Eco friendly decorations

This is a great way to teach your kids about eco-friendliness. Decorate your house with only eco friendly stuff. This creates a fun and vibrant feel. Choose one of your kid’s favorite decorations and get your kids to make one on their own.

Diwali lamps

Stuff You need :

  • Colour Paper

  • Broom sticks

  • Gum/ Paste

  • Design

  • Scissors

Wishing you all a great Diwali, and Oh!  If none of the above is interesting for you, we have great products reviewed for you that will help your kida improve their math skills and teach them life skills, do visit us here:

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