ReviewEdu went live in January 2014 to create a new world of education products, services, and schools with options, transparency and simplicity for both the users as well as the merchants. Our goal is to unveil mysterious aspects of the education ecosystem for the people who pay good money for things they want to see add value to their children’s education inside the classroom as well as outside.

For the parents, learners and educators, we bring you in touch with the newest and the best in the education & activities & technology space. We don’t just provide you with the information, we support you with access to reviews. Furthermore, we give you the opportunity to rate these educational opportunities which means that now you have a voice in the building of these solutions for your children!

We have built a platform where both the merchants and users can engage in meaningful discussion and provide students with the best possible education solution available.

For the merchants, we are fully committed to providing actionable insights into the consumer behavior that will allow you to make the best use of customer reviews and increase your outreach in the Education sector and amongst Parents.

We are committed to maintaining an unbiased reviewing tool, however, so if you feel a review has been posted in unfairness, please contact us at

Thanks for being involved in education! If you came and can’t find what you need, that’s no good! Please let us know at
CIN: U74140DL2013PTC248145

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Welcome to ReviewEdu! ReviewEdu is a leading destination for educational shopping, offering the best product options with real unbiased reviews. This platform was made in conjunction with KleverKid for anyone involved in educating children. We welcome you to a new world of options, transparency, and simplicity.

After all, our goal is to simplify education for you!