Price ( INR ) Low cost
Levels ( Grades ) 11-12
Buyer Learners
Users ( # ) 350 students
Date ( Est. ) 2010
Website Avanti website
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Avanti blends mentoring and non-conventional lecturing practices to provide low income students with high end science and mathematics education, in preparation for the IIT-JEE exams

  1. Caters their tutoring to intelligent low-income students seeing entrance into high quality universities
  2. Makes use of technology to ensure students are on pace with expectations for exams
  3. Avanti also has a wide network of student volunteers to provide guidance to the enrolled students preparing for their exams

Uniqueness of Avanti:

Avanti is an award winning social initiative started by IIT and Harvard University alumni. Their work has been recognized by Ashoka, The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Echoing Green and the PanIIT Alumni Organization.

Avanti’s Learning Centers provide low- and middle-income students a world-class science and mathematics education in Class XI and XII. The centers have no trained teachers and very little conventional lecturing. In their place, we focus on teaching students how to learn from books and their peers – resources that are more abundant, accessible and consistent in quality.

They run classes as after-school programs for 2 years covering Grade XI and XII. Over the past year, they’ve shown that our students outperform the most expensive coaching classes in the country



2013 - Deepak Maun leading the launch of Avanti Shahpur Jat Centre Delhi

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Total average


Affordability ( 10 )
Usability ( 8 )
Learning + Thinking Skills ( 9 )
Student engagement + satisfaction ( 9 )
Teacher satisfaction + decrease in time on task ( 7 )
Servicing ( 9 )
Hand Holding ( 10 )
Relevance ( 10 )
Customization ( 9 )
General Perception ( 10 )

User ratings

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Total average


Affordability ( 9.5 )
Usability ( 7.5 )
Learning + Thinking Skills ( 8 )
Student engagement + satisfaction ( 8.5 )
Teacher satisfaction + decrease in time on task ( 6.5 )
Servicing ( 7.5 )
Hand Holding ( 8.5 )
Relevance ( 7.5 )
Customization ( 6.5 )
General Perception ( 8.5 )


Price ( INR )Low cost
Levels ( Grades )11-12
Buyer Learners
Users ( # )350 students
Date ( Est. )2010
WebsiteAvanti website

Reviews (2)

Aniket Doegar
Avanti 8.3

Great continuous support from the team to the learners!

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Posted on June 13, 2014 11:06 am
Avanti 7.4

I love Avanti!

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ReviewEdu Expert (verified)

Posted on May 8, 2014 6:02 am

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