Price ( INR ) 249-399 per month
Levels ( Grades ) PreK, K-12
Buyer Parents
Users ( # ) 13,000 +
Date ( Est. ) 2013
Website Mango Reader Website
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MangoReader is a reading library and creative story creation platform that enriches stories for children

  1. MangoReader aims to inspire children through rich content and engaging stories
  2. MangoReader stories improve language learning and helps in skill building at a young age
  3. MangoReader platform can be accessed on web, Android and iOS
  4. MangoReader offers over 500 interactive stories to make learning fun
  5. Mango Reader is working with schools in India and Singapore to consistently provide better products to its users




Mango-Reader-Award-Winning-App Mango-Reader-Children-Story-App



Expert rating

Total average


Affordability ( 6 )
Usability ( 9 )
Learning + Thinking Skills ( 8 )
Student engagement + satisfaction ( 9 )
Teacher satisfaction + decrease in time on task ( 6 )
Servicing ( 6 )
Hand Holding ( 6 )
Relevance ( 8 )
Customization ( 7 )
General Perception ( 9 )

User ratings

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Total average


Affordability ( 9.3 )
Usability ( 9.7 )
Learning + Thinking Skills ( 8.3 )
Student engagement + satisfaction ( 10 )
Teacher satisfaction + decrease in time on task ( 9 )
Servicing ( 8.7 )
Hand Holding ( 9.3 )
Relevance ( 10 )
Customization ( 10 )
General Perception ( 9.7 )


Price ( INR )249-399 per month
Levels ( Grades )PreK, K-12
Buyer Parents
Users ( # )13,000 +
Date ( Est. )2013
WebsiteMango Reader Website

Reviews (3)

MangoReader 9.3

Fine, but we need more intelligent and unique stories, I am a father of a MangOReader fan! My daughter.

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The Hindu senior secondary school

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Posted on July 26, 2014 8:53 am
Shweta Singh
MangoReader 9.9

I was Introduced to Mangoreader 2 years back.Ever since My son(now 4years old) has been a regular in listening to their latest stories. Every night when I would put him to sleep,all he would ask is "Mumma, huggie and Story".. The stories at Mangoreader are so addictive that even we adults get hooked onto them as well as the puzzle games with every story.

I have recorded a lot of stories for my child in my voice,and that made him love the stories even more. Surely a must have app in all the phones which are handled by kids as well.

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# of years experience in role


# of years using this product


Posted on July 19, 2014 2:06 pm
Anisha Singh
MangoReader 9.0

mangoreader has an amazing collection of stories for my little ones for their age and grade. I love that it focuses on indian languages and the activities and games makes it so much fun. My daughter and son read stories and play together. At times, our entire family is reading and writing stories. Simply super to relive old classics as well as some fun stories.

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# of years using this product


Posted on July 16, 2014 10:10 am

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