MindEdutainment – THOTS Lab

MindEdutainment – THOTS Lab
Price ( INR ) 125-150/student/month
Levels ( Grades ) Pre-K to 8
Buyer Schools & institutions
Users ( # ) 71 schools
Date ( Est. ) 2007
Website MindEdutainment Website
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THOTS is a program run by MindEdutainment that inculcates logical thinking skills in the youngsters

  1. Thots employs innovative physical thinking tools to help experience based learning
  2. A dedicated a THOTS lab within the school is created to achieve maximum program efficiency
  3. THOTS cultivates originality in thought process through mind games and Thinking tools
  4. Each THOTS session is of 40-60 minutes duration and conducted once  a week throughout the academic year
  5. THOTS employs over 17 thinking tools and continuous assessment to achieve the best possible results

The fee per child for the full academic year is Rs 1500-1800 per child for the full academic year i.e. Rs 125 to Rs 150 per month.. This is inclusive of the cost of creating the Lab and solution delivery subject to the school signs a minimum 3 years contract.

They are currently working with 71 schools across 8 states capitals with names like Delhi Public School, Timpany Group of Schools, Soudambikaa Group of Schools, CMI Chain of Schools, Blue Bells Group of Schools, Summer Valley Group of Schools, KLE Chain of Schools, DLF Public School, Khaitan Public School, Army Public School, etc.

The program is a complete solution for UKG till Grade VIII on Higher Order Thinking Skills and Life Skills development. We take the ownership of child development by delivering the program through our own trained facilitators. The delivery is aided through experiential simulations and thinking development games where assessment of development in thinking behavior and mental abilities is conducted on monthly basis. Thus, school authorities and parents can ascertain the development and also participate in the process.

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MindEdutainment – THOTS Lab

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Price ( INR )125-150/student/month
Levels ( Grades )Pre-K to 8
BuyerSchools & institutions
Users ( # )71 schools
Date ( Est. )2007
WebsiteMindEdutainment Website

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