Your kids have super brains, make them all rounders

Want to be an all rounder? Check us out! MySuperBrain says to the kids. MySuperBrain is a platform for school students to learn new things, participate in competitions and also showcase their exceptional skills in multiple activities. is an attempt to bring out the all rounder in every student. They focus on various educational games, quizzes and competitions. My Super Brain says research has shown that the performance of kids increases with the amount of recognition they get for the work they do. The special skills of students have to be showcased to the world and it remains at the center of our vision and mission. They also give out prizes to winners of competitions. “Super Brain of the Day” and “Super Brain of the Year” are their two big prizes. Super Brain of the year gets a laptop. There are a lot of other exciting prizes to be won apart from the recognition.

Amazing, isn’t it? We had a quick chat with Raghu from MySuperBrain. He gave us a bit of insight into the brain of MySuperbrain.

ReviewEdu: A great concept Raghu! So, how did MySuperBrain start?

Raghu:  It started with two of us, IIM graduates. We were interested in doing something for education and kids as we believe education plays a major role in one’s life and the time is now to make the change happen. We spoke to several schools and educators and we realized that encouragement and recognition plays a great role in helping the kids improve. That’s how MySuperBrain idea was born, today we are 30 plus.

ReviewEdu: How is it different from the other educational websites?

Raghu: Kids have a unique platform to showcase their skills; it not only eliminates geographical barriers but is transparent to offer any kid who is interested to participate in our competition. We recognize kids daily with things like Hall of fame, Super Brain of the day, Top performers of the day and Top performers of the month etc. I’d say the transparency and the importance we give to any kid who is willing to take the benefit from our site is what makes us different.

ReviewEdu: How far has MySuperBrain impacted children?

Raghu: We have tied up with chain of school such as Krishnaveni, Ravindra Bharathi, and Gowtham; we have collaborated with many international schools too. We have had a great response from the kids as well as parents who were extremely interested in joining us in the competitions and quizzes we offer. You should really see the joy the kids feel and the encouragement the parents get to see the impact.

ReviewEdu: We heard you guys offer a super quiz which is open to all the students; can you give us some details?

Raghu:  Well, It’s called “Panorama” It is an online multiple intelligence challenge to help students showcase their amazing skills in eight areas such as writing, painting, poetry, singing, mathematics, dance, photography and group tasks.

ReviewEdu: Sounds really interesting, when is it? What do students get from this?

Raghu: Competition starts on 14th of November, more than 300,000 students participate. Students can discover opportunity to compete with the best and know where the students stand, showcase lots of well deserved recognition which will immensely help parents, schools and students analyze their performance.

ReviewEdu: How can one participate in such a great opportunity?

Raghu: Students can register themselves on our site or send us an email to

ReviewEdu: Great, I need to analyze my skills too, can I participate? *Quips*

Raghu: No you can’t!

We’d be glad to hear from you about MySuperBrain and your experiences, do tell us what you feel here. Want to check more of awesome products for your kid? Go right here


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